Friday, October 10, 2014

The Wear Everyday Shirt -- The Ella Tunic

*This item will be up for grabs TONIGHT AT 7:00PM on!!!

I have about three outfits that I rotate during the week.  They are comfy but not too slouchy, and I completely die when they are no where to be found (because that means I need to do laundry.  Ugh).

I've been hanging on to a super soft gray knit in my sewing room for quite a while now.  Every time I look at it I think how I adore gray, but it just needs a little oomph.  And then I finally found that oomph, and the combination makes for the perfect shirt for your little girl to throw on every single day (except the days it's stuck in the laundry).

Introducing the Ella Tunic.

Super soft knit front and sleeves with those pockets that I looooooove.

 And now for the oomph . . . 

Those gorgeous bright butterflies make me so happy.

I just noticed because Ella's hands are in her pockets it's pulling on the back a little -- the back is a little fuller than shown in the photo.

A bright green button and keyhole.  Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with this keyhole thing?

 I knew this size 7/8 top would fit Mimi's bud Ella perfectly, and I'm so happy that I talked her into doing a little photo shoot for me.  The sun was in a funky place and then my camera went dead (of course, right?), so the photo quality isn't quite the best.  But, my word, this top was made for Ella!  She threw on some skinny jeans and magenta sparkly tennis shoes and voila!  Easy peasy.

This top is a 7/8.  Ella wears mostly 7's and some 8's (she has an 8 in both the Olivia peplum and Kate dress so she can wear them two years if that helps any of ladies with sizing).

Here's the skinny on ordering.  This top along with the Opal Dress and Opal Tunic will be up for grabs TONIGHT AT 7:00PM on!!!!  Set your alarm because I only have one of each -- a size 4 Opal Dress, a size 6 Opal Tunic, and a size 7/8 Ella Tunic.  The next two weeks will be full of packing and traveling and taking care of lots of business I need to tend to (um, like making doctor's appointments because I can't remember the last time I had a check-up.  Face palm).

I will ship these items TOMORROW if you purchase tonight.  That means you're daughter could be wearing one of these three pieces next week.  Pretty cool, right?

*this pattern was inspired by THIS.  Check it out if you sew!  You'll love Cali Faye patterns!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello, Opal

You ready for something new?

Whew, I am also.  I have been hoarding this awesome Opal Owl fabric for over a year and have been waiting for just the right moment.  That moment, ladies and gentlemen, has come.

Meet Opal . . .

So bright and so Partridge Family.  I am smitten.

She comes in two versions.  The Little Opal Dress in a sizes 2, 3, and 4:

Feminine ruffle collared, billowy sleeves, and fun purple hidden pockets.

The Big Opal Tunic in sizes 5, 6, and 8:

 Simple round neck and cropped sleeves, hidden purple pockets, and a high-low bottom to modernize the Brady Bunch fabric.

Bright button closures.  I'm crazy about the keyholes.  Oh, and the bright purple back of the tunic is so bright and so gorgeous.

And while we're having introductions, meet our sweet little neighbor, Emily.

Emily's mom is a fellow Southerner (she has a bright Clemson flag displayed proudly in her yard), and she teachers her children to say y'all and add lots of syllable to their words.  I haven't been quite that fortunate as Mimi sounds like she grew up on a Wisconsin farm. 

There are several reasons I ADORE Emily.
1)  She is always, always happy.
2)  Those curls.  Oh, those curls.
3)  She is crazy about her big brother Max and wants to do everything he does -- including wearing his Spiderman sneakers.  And her awesome mom lets her.  Loooove that.  We were shocked that she put on the girly boots with the bows on the toes.  I guess she's learning from her wild neighbor Mimi.

I could eat.  Them.  Up.

So Emily normally wears a size 3 and sometimes a 4, and this particular dress is a 4 -- so it's a little big.  The cool thing about most of the dresses I make is that your little can wear them for at least two years if you order a size up.  

Mimi wears a size 5, but check out what she looks adorable in . . . 

Yep, it's the same size 4 dress.

Just a little shorter (which I LOVE) and the sleeves are a little cropped.

Oh, oh!  I found pockets!!

 It's a winner.  My toughest critic loves it!

The plan is to have these ready to sell at the end of next week (around October 16th).  I am adding a few more pieces and will give you a head's up when they are uploaded to my Big Cartel site.

Since several of you hard-working moms asked me to wait until the end of the day, I am happy to wait until about 7:00 PM to upload.

*The Little Opal Dress is inspired by THIS pattern.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I'm about to sew something that scares the mess out of me.  So I must stall.

First of all, I am BLOWN away by all of your support!  Like, I sat down and had an ugly cry when a friend messaged me just a few hours after the upload that the first collection was sold out.  I thought about keeping the inventory super low (like one or two of each) but then took the plunge and allowed the max I could make to be sold -- and it happened.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I spent the last few months pouring over patterns and photos and looking at seams of clothes in stores to the point the sales ladies thought I was cuckoo.  I really strive to make these clothes unique -- something that everyone needs a piece of in their closet and something that no one else in your town will have.  Several friends have suggested that I keep it simple and ordinary so things will fly off the shelf, and I get it.  But those are the items that we can all buy at Old Navy and Gap.  I want mimi & mack to be something special.  And I appreciate the heck out of those of you who get it.  Did I say thank you yet?

Moving on . . . several of you have asked about the shoes and jeans and extras in the photos of mimi & mack clothing, so I'll share my secrets.:)

I'm still giggling at this serious face . . .

These cork ballet flats were a STEAL from Peek Kids Clothing.   They are no longer available (I think I paid $15 for them at the end of the summer), BUT Peek has some adorable ballet flats and boots right now!!

Yet another serious face . . .

The leather headband is just a piece of leather string I bought in a pack from Joann's.  Mimi also belted this Sadye top with the string, and it look awesome.

The jeans are from H&M and the boots are Minnetonka from Nordstrom.  I love finding inexpensive jeans and leggings for Meemers and H&M is the place to get them.  Check out their boys' jeans and cords also because they have some really fun colors.  Mack wears a pair of skinny cords almost every day, and I am in loooooove (and they're only $9!!!!).  

And last one . . .

On the left, Mimi's navy boots with bright red zippers are from Mini Boden.  They no longer have the suede ones but they now come in leather!  Even better, right? Boden also has some adorable ballet flats and short boots that I am trying to find a way to make a necessary purchase.  Oh, and they are all ON SALE right now!!  Yippee!!

Peach is wearing the H&M jeans and the Peek ballet flats.

And to make myself feel better I am going to apologize for adding to your shopping addiction.  You're welcome. :)

Now I need to tackle my next project and get the October line ready to sell for all of you!  More details soon . . .