Monday, March 4, 2013

More from a Cabana in Mexico . . .

*Orders open until this Thursday night!  Please read below for more details.

I found these two crazy girls wandering around on the beach in Mexico.  

We'll call them Fifi and Sunshine.

Alright, ladies.  Show me your prettiest faces!!

Seriously.  There are no words, right?

Now let's get down to business.

The Mexican Tunic Outfit.

This one is actually a size 6 and is a tad too big around the chest for Mimi (but I would make a 4 for her so the tights wouldn't be too big).

This outfit comes with the tunic top, the blue leggings (which can be made with one, two, or no ruffles), and the headband, which ties so she can share it with you, right?  

I will make the Mexican Tunic Outfit in sizes 2, 4, and 6.  If in doubt, order a size up.  If you're concerned about your size 6, just send me measurements.  

Mimi's pants only have one ruffle, but Natalka's have two.  I love choices!

Sweet little orange button in the back.

The first of you to order a size 6 will receive this exact outfit.  I have some bad news -- the main white and lime fabric no longer exists.  The fabric I will use instead is Kumari Garden Tarika Moss

Or here if the other link doesn't work:

Trust me -- I am super-bummed about this fabric's extinction, but the other choice is adorable and actually matches the other two coordinating fabrics well.

The top, leggings, AND headband cost $55 plus $4 shipping if out of Chicago.  If you choose no ruffle on the leggings, subtract $3.
THIS one is a size 6 and comes with 2 ruffles on the leggings.
Please e-mail orders to
Allow 4-6 weeks for your order.  If you need the outfit for an earlier special occasion, just let me know.

And now for outfit #2 . . .

The Mexican Halter Outfit

This one also includes the top, leggings (with none, one, or two ruffles), and the funky headband.

For those of you who sew, this the Brownie Goose's Katie Top pattern.  Check her out on Etsy, why don't cha?

Awesome head band. 

But you don't have to wear it all Bruce Springsteen style if that's not your thing . . . 

But it'd be a lot cooler if you did :)

 And the criss-cross in the back is soooo pretty.

Yes, that's Mimi's back.  This is too big for her, but during all the chaos I didn't get a great shot of it on Natalka.  Hard to believe, isn't it Radka? He he he . . . 

Once again, no more of the lime and white fabric.  See the link above for the new adorable fabric that will be used.  The little girl modeling this outfit had first dibs, so it is hers :).

Mexican Halter Outfit ordering info:
The top, leggings, AND headband cost $55 plus $4 shipping if out of Chicago.  If you choose no ruffle on the leggings, subtract $3.
I will make this in sizes, 2, 4, and 6.  When in doubt, order up a size.
Please e-mail orders to
Allow 4-6 weeks for your order.  If you need the outfit for an earlier special occasion, just let me know.

Ooooh, and remember if you posted a photo of your daughter in the Fairy Tale skirt you get 10% off this order :)

*I will keep orders open until Thursday night.  Please no orders after Thursday because I will need to order fabric Friday morning.  
By the way, I'm already in love with all of you as my customers. :)  Way to try to help me sell the Mexican Wrap Dress today -- I am so humbled to have had such quick helpers.  Love you guys!!  Wait, I mean I love Y'ALL!  Just forgot my roots for a second . . . 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inspired from Mexico -- The Mexico Wrap

*Update -- this has sold!!!  So sad to see it go, BUT it's staying in my neighborhood! Can't wait to see it on the pretty little girl!

White sand . . . bright blue water . . . pink and orange fragrant blooms . . .

. . . and a margarita and a book and a cabana . . . aaaaahhh . . . 

And you want to know what I couldn't get out of my mind?  The next three outfits I will release.  And here's the first:

The Mexican Wrap outfit.  We could call it a burrito I suppose . . .  but it's much too pretty.

With colors so bright I need to grab my shades . . . and a book and a margarita . . .

Chicago has been covered in snow for what seems like forever, so I was able to prolong my Mexico trip by having my hands all over this bright fabric.  It screams hurry up summer!!

And the big blue flower . . . I don't even know how I made it, but my goodness I love it . . .

And a big ole bow to go with that big flower.  Isn't she lovely?

A side view of the pants with just enough ruffle.

Oh, wait.  What's that?  You mean I can even wear the bow in the front??

Izzie says this is her favorite way.

Hold on . . . now get a load of this . . . 

She's reversible!!!

This had Izzie dancing.

And the bow can even go in front once again.

Cute little wrap in the back.

And another view of that beautiful headband.  Oooh, I need to jump in some water this blue.

So I have some good news and some bad news.  THIS Mexico wrap dress is a size 4, and it's up for grabs, BUT you must follow the rules --

I will take the first order that is E-MAILED TO

Do not text me or message me via FB.  I want this to be fair.

She is a SIZE 4 (fits my daughter perfectly who wears a 4 in Gap, Old Navy, Crewcuts, Mini Boden, Matilda Jane, everything!).  Leggings are a little loose on Izzie because she's a skinny little thing :)).  The top (which can also be a dress), the blue knit leggings, and the gorgeous headband.  All 3 items for $65 plus $4 shipping if you don't live in Chi-town.

And the bad news is that this is the only one I will make.  At least for now.

Miss Mexico Wrap Dress and I had a serious knock-down, drag-out that caused much cussing and seam-ripping and insanity that I don't have the patience for at this moment.  Although I dreamed her up in a cabana near Cancun, I found a similar pattern to help me with sizing . . . and that pattern really, well, it sucked.  I originally made this for a size 2, but it somehow fits both my daughter and Iz, who are definitely size 4's.  I really, really want to make more because it's sooo beautiful.  But now is not the time.

Also, I recently realized that that bright lime and white fabric is completely gone.  It has vanished from the face of the internet and I probably hold the last of its kind in my Mexico line.  I have cried many tears at several 5:00 AM Google searches that have resulted in finding nothing of this preppy fabric that I swear Lilly Pulitzer herself would drool over.  It's called Lanterns in Lime if you have some time to kill on a search engine.  Knock yourself out, and I may reward you with a wrap dress if you uncover a hidden stash in Martha's Vineyard.

But for some more good news, I have two more outfits that are in the same bright, beautiful fabrics coming up very soon.  One will be a one-of-a-kind, and the other (which is probably my fave) will be up for orders!!  Yippee!!