Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bells and shrooms

Last night I made both margaritas AND bellbottoms for the first time!  Don't worry -- the margaritas didn't hinder the sewing (except that I just almost sewed a size 5 pant leg to a size 3, but I stopped myself).

I was going to make a skirt to go with this funky little t-shirt, but Mimi told me she wanted a shirt just like it in her size with p-a-n-t-s.

PANTS.  I cannot believe my daughter wants to wear pants.

Anywho, so bellbottoms won.  Yippee!

And here's the booty of these cute little things.

A close-up of the shirt.

The edges of the design will fray just a tad after being washed to make it look even cooler, but don't worry.  It shouldn't completely fray to pieces (lay it flat to dry in case you're super nervous).

This mushroom shirt and denim bellbottoms outfits is for sale and is a size 3.  The inseam is 13.75" so measure your little one if you are unsure.  You absolutely do NOT want to buy them too short.  A little too long is fine since you can always roll the waist band or wear thick-soled clogs, but wide-legged pants too short is just a fashion disaster.  I have lots of pics below of Mimi in her size 5 pants.  They are just a tad too big on her because she's on the petite side, but I rolled the waist and she hasn't taken them off.

If you're interested, e-mail me at  The shirt and pants is $42  ON SALE FOR $30 plus $4 shipping if not in Chicagoland.

We haven't made Mimi's shirt yet because she has decided she wants mushrooms AND a fox.  Maybe the fox can be eating the mushrooms.  Or maybe sleeping on them like pillows and a bed.  Geez, Meemers.

Also, she told me that this is the most stylish photo she's ever posed for and that I need to make sure I put it on my post.

He he he.

See the nice blur in the bottom right of the photos?  Someone's little sticky fingers left marks all over my lens.  I've narrowed my guilty person down to two little people I know.

By the way, her pockets are brown at her request but the size 3 for sale has fun green pockets.

I used the Lola Bells pattern that you can find here.  Also, several of you have asked me to find specific "patterns" for shirt appliqué.  My four useless years of art classes in college left me with the ability to draw these myself.  Crazy talented, right?  Seriously, anybody could do these, so if you're dying for me to make a fun shirt I'm always open to suggestions:).

Friday, November 8, 2013

Peasant Heaven

Just in time for Thanksgiving . . . 

This is the same as the precious elephant dress but in a size 3.  Only this time it has some matching denim ruffles!  I looooove some ruffles.  Don't worry if they aren't for you -- you can just buy the dress.  But you do get first dibs on these pants if you want them :).

So here's the dress by itself.  This can be worn as a tunic when it gets a little too short.

The dress hits just above the knee on most little ones, but it's still precious a little long or a little short.  The sleeves are a couple of inches from the wrist, so your little one won't get sweet potatoes all over them.

 The ruffle pants have a comfy elastic waist -- Mimi always gets 2 years out of hers.  They are made of a heavier weight denim that is perfect for temps below 65.  

Love, love, love a pocket for all the things that your little one just has to take with her.  Rocks and pennies and such.

Pretty ruffled neck.

The top and bottoms are both a size 3, but honestly I would put it on Mimi from sizes 2-4 it's so versatile.

The dress is $38 plus shipping if you can't make it for a playdate with me.

The pants are $30 and if the owner of this dress decides to not buy them I will let someone take a chance at them.  I might even be able to make a fun embroidered t-shirt to match.  Rudolph anyone?

If you're interested, e-mail me at  Ready, set, GO!

Both patterns are from the wonderful Amy at Brownie Goose.  You can find all of her patterns here if you want to take a stab at making this yourself.  I have completely WORN OUT her patterns this fall.  I have many other ideas up my sleeve, but I want to use her designs first because they fit perfectly with my fall fabrics.  Most importantly, Mimi has some of these dresses that Amy made when she was still in business, and she is STILL wearing them as shirts three years later.  $12 a year for a dress is right up my cheap alley!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let's all march in the elephant parade . . .

I.  Heart.  This.  Dress.

And so does Mimi.  Obvs.

She threw a little hissy fit when I told her she couldn't wear it to school.  Poor baby.

So I'll shut my mouth and get the details on how to order out of the way.

E-mail "I WANT THIS ELEPHANT DRESS!!!" or something like that to if you're interested.

It is a 6/7, which is too big on Mimi.  I would make a 4/5 for her, BUT it doesn't look crazy huge.  Maybe consider the 6/7 so she can wear it for 3 years!  Seriously,  the third year she can totally wear it with leggings if too short.

The cost of the dress is $40 plus shipping (which is usually around $4).  If you live near Chi-town, this might be a great reason for us to get together. :)

  Hula in her elephant dress.  Because that's what you do in an elephant parade.

Cutesy-pootsie pocket for all her weird Lalaloopsy dolls.  (By the way, did you notice that she's holding a super old Happy Meal Ronald McDonald toy she found at her Bebe's house?)

"Mimi, make a pretty face so I can take a close shot of the ruffled collar.  Um . . . really, Meemers?"

If you are in serious need of this dress and it's just not your size or favorite fabric, give me some time.  I will make more!

Everyone please give Amy at Brownie Goose a round of applause for creating this beautiful pattern!  Yay, Amy!  You rock my socks off!  If you love to sew, you can find this pattern here.

By the way, I am totally sitting in my car in the garage typing all of this right now.  This guy didn't want to stop watching Curious George in the car after we dropped off Mimi, so he's STILL strapped in his carseat watching while we use up all the battery.  And this is how I roll, ladies.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Finally . . . Some Fall Frocks

 Ahhhh . . . it feels so good to be sewing again!

Fall is my favorite season -- especially in the Midwest.  I'm a little later getting started than I had planned this season, so I'll try to get a few things out as quickly as possible before the snow hits.  Wait, I think we already had a sprinkling of snow this week . . .

First of all, I need to apologize for my model.  She LOATHES having her photo taken doing anything except making crazy faces.  And she hates changing clothes unless she's playing dress-up.  Out of the hundreds I shot, these are the only ones that are decent -- and some of them are blurry . . . but I digress.

On to the first outfit of my fall line I am naming O'Meara's Woods.

Our new home has a lovely wooded piece in the back that the neighbor has named after the previous owner -- the O'Meara's.  It has nothing to do with anything, but I kind of wanted to take photos of Mimi in the woods, but this was as far as we got . . .

"Mommy, just peace out.  It will be okay.  Just stop worrying.  Gah . . . . "

So this is the first outfit -- a tunic top in a dreamy blue and cozy corduroy shorts.

Even on a chilly day, Mimi loved the shorts with her tights and boots.

Sweet little butter yellow button in the back.

Two little buttons on the sleeves that are just short enough to keep paint off of at school.

Neutral buttons on the shorts, so your little one can wear them with everything in her closet.

Mimi likes them with a t-shirt.

But this is her favorite look.  Skinny jeans and cowGIRL boots.  Yeeeee hawwww!!!

I'm loving the ruffled collar and pretty pleat in the front.

I have this outfit (the tunic top and corduroy shorts) in a size 2/3 and a 4/5.  This is basically the same as a size 3 and a size 5, but a size 4 girl would totally be able to pull off the 4/5 because of the loose fit (as a 2 would be able to wear the 2/3).  Mimi is in between a 4 and a 5, so this fits her well.

The top and shorts set is $60 plus shipping.

Please e-mail to if you're interested.  I only have 2 outfits -- one in a 2/3 and the other in a 4/5!  First come, first serve!  Please e-mail orders only :)

**Also, I did NOT put pockets on the back of the shorts, but I can if you would like them!

And for you sewing mommas, the pattern for the top is here and the shorts is here.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Lucy Shorts!!!

I thought I loved the Blue Skies racer back dress the most, but . . .

I can't get enough of these shorts!!

Who wears short shorts?

I have been searching for the perfect "camp short"  for Mimi -- not too cutesy and not too casual with plenty of room to romp -- and I think I found the perfect ones.  I saw similar shorts in an Anthropologie catalog in the spring, then Crewcuts had a pair edged with ruffles, and then my search for a pattern was on (sewing mommas, skip down to the bottom for links to this pattern and similar ones).

The shorts are $30 (plus $3 shipping) and sizes are posted above each pic.

E-mail orders to only!! No FB messages.

Size 2



SIZE 5 (I need to add elastic to waist and sew on buttons)

SIZE 6 (I still need to add elastic to waist and sew on buttons)

SIZE 8 (still need to add elastic to waist and sew on buttons)

Whew, please excuse the unfinished ones that still need elastic and buttons!!

For all you sewing mommas, I need to give you info first because all of your daughters, nieces, and friends' daughters need a pair of these.  You can find several similar patterns:

Oliver + S Picnic Blouse + Shorts.  Meeny Miny Moe (link to the right) had some similar ones last summer that I was in love with!  The blouse pattern is also pretty adorable.

Brownie Goose Seaside Shorts.  Amy at BG posted a photo of these shorts on FB several weeks ago, but I wasn't patient enough to wait for the pattern to be up for sale.  Because she is so stinkin nice, she directed me to the next link:

Cali Faye Collection Tulip Shorts.  And this was the pattern I used.  This is the same chick who wrote the racer back pattern, so she is on my favorites list!  Her patterns are simple and perfect for beginners such as myself.  The pattern is actually for reversible shorts without the binding, but I changed it up a little.